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Germany is one of the most exciting markets for companies wanting to enter the private yacht market. With a long tradition in shipbuilding, Germany is a market open to innovation and new technologies. In Germany, every form of watercraft is built, from Opti out of Flax to mega yachts. With a coastline of well over 3000 kilometres, the north of Germany has a maritime character. With over 2,500 vessels being built in Germany annually, this is a significant market size. Add to this the more than 2,500 harbours and marinas, as well as the over 150 shipyards, and the conditions are created to place a product on this market. With a network of over 100 contacts built up over many years, ZEASY can help you develop a strategy to launch your product on the German market successfully. Together with your company, we will create the right plan to place your product successfully.

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We, at Zeasy, incorporate three of the 17 sustainable development goals statements into its daily business operations and long-term strategy. Zeasy aims to raise awareness

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