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Sailing in Denmark, discover the opportunities

Are you considering going on summer vacation in Denmark? Go on a sailing holiday and enjoy nature with family and friends. It will be a holiday you will never forget! The world is big, there is a lot to experience, but do we really need to travel so far away to have wonderful experiences and wonderful memories?

In this article, we describe good reasons to go on a sailing holiday in Denmark:

Sailing holiday is equal to sustainable holiday and Denmark is a unique country for sailing enthusiasts which provides freedom to choose what to do and where to go. And then there is the food. All the Danish summer dishes that are well suited for eating on board.

Denmark has 8750 km of coastline making Denmark a maritime country. A summer holiday in Denmark at sea is completely unique with all our cozy port cities, islands, and many fine beaches. Not to mention beautiful natural areas. Ports are marked by maritime life, which we as a nation also cultivate in our free time. Dinghy sailors, kayaks, windsurfers, recreational diving and much more. The ports in Denmark will always be a gathering point for both leisure, pleasure and for several business voters.

There are many ways to spend a holiday in Denmark, but one of the things that makes Denmark a particularly unique sailing nation is the endless possibilities for a sailing holiday with greater or lesser stretches between ports and anchorages.

Sailing is precisely about utilizing the resources nature gives you. Namely wind and currents in the water. It can be a huge liberating feeling on a voyage with the help of the forces of nature and in interaction with these and the ship. Some sailors go to great lengths to sail after the absolute optimal utilization of wind, weather, and the lake. For others, it may be certain destinations or coziness that are in the forefront. No matter how you like sailing, sailing provides a unique feeling of freedom. You decide where you want to sail, you can sail with find or according to planned route, you can stay several days on a nice island or you can sail through the night to reach a specific destination. It is not only at sea that I experience nature at its best. Many of the places I can sail to, I get a good opportunity to experience beautiful nature on land.

Do you know how to get tired of the all-inclusive buffet at this charter hotel? On board a boat you can either handle it and cook your own food, supplemented with local vegetables from stalls and fresh fish from the cutter at the ports.

Although sustainability characterizes our time, it is an ambiguous word. For the time being, it has dawned on many that it makes sense to live sustainably. Both in terms of climate, nature, and environment, but also in the near and more private things must be connected.

One thing is the environmental consideration, or, lack of the same, when we choose to strain our planet by getting into an airplane and traveling far away. Something else is the time we spend on travel activity. If you are on holiday in Denmark, you significantly cut a lot of your travel time, and you thereby get more time for the important, being with your loved ones and time to just be. Travel time is one of the most fascinating things about a sailing holiday.

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Sustainable Development Goals

We, at Zeasy, incorporate three of the 17 sustainable development goals statements into its daily business operations and long-term strategy. Zeasy aims to raise awareness among the users and owners of recreational boats of any kind about the sustainable operation of the respective ship. 

The main focus of this education is the ecological dimension, which is followed by the fair treatment of all participants of the value network “maritime leisure industry”. 

SDGs 13 and 14 are aimed at the set focus. ZEASY has set itself to preserve the beauty and necessity of the oceans and the adjacent coastal areas. Consequently, we offer the approaches and direct solutions to operate a boat sustainably and ecologically. As a consequence of the commitment to a better tomorrow. According to Goal 13, it is imperative that we immediately start to reduce our carbon footprint significantly. ZEASY wants to show that it is possible to emit considerably fewer greenhouse gases during leisure time than most recreational vessels do today.

Nevertheless, we are aware that 100% ecological operation will not be possible shortly for various reasons, mainly safety aspects. We, therefore, consider it all the more important that many operators change their behaviour gradually and incrementally than that a few change their behaviour massively and immediately. As we are in the maritime environment, target 14 is central to us. We want to preserve and protect this unique habitat, as well as the recreational space of its customers. A significant problem is the discharge of solid and liquid pollutants into the water. A few units of toxic and polluting substances can pollute many times more water. Since the oceans are an essential source of necessities in our lives, such as food but also medicine, biofuels and CO2 storage, it has been proven that there is an urgent need to subject them to special protection. ZEASY’s mission is to attract attention and offer intelligent solutions to avoid the use of liquid and solid materials and fuels that are harmful to the environment and directly market environmentally friendly substitutes and alternatives. 

The third goal ZEASY has set itself is represented in the sustainable development goals within goal twelve. As members of a global society, consumers must ensure that all entities along the value chain are treated fairly. Furthermore, the entire life cycle of products must be defined before production, i.e., consideration must also be given to the “end-of-life point”. The keyword here is the circular economy. Raising awareness of this circular economy is another key component of the company’s mission and vision.

As the world is interdependent, the goals are highly interdependent. We decided to focus on three goals, which does not mean that the other 14 goals are not within our sphere of influence. However, to have the most significant possible impact on our actions, the focus is on those sustainable development goals that are most congruent with what we offer.

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The Motorsports and Fishing Industries as Drivers for Cleaner Boats

Certainly, no part of the market had as much impact on the development of cleaner marine engines in America as the watersports towboat sector. The sector has such high demand for engines that shipbuilders like Malibu and Collectcraft could afford to produce their own motors in house. The engine is the most expensive and important part of the boat, so when these shipbuilders started growing through acquisitions, the best use they saw to make use of their vertical integration was to improve the engine, the most important starting point. By increasing in size these companies were able to dedicate more resources into the production of their own in-house motors to ensure the quality that the customers desired. Technology is one of the reasons for the increase in towboat sales, and customers appreciate this. Customers are constantly on the lookout for high quality engines, and the added benefit of the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your engine is also green is indispensable. 

In recent years high power, low emission engines have been popping up all over boat shows and getting significant attention. A well engineered engine with low emissions and a green footprint also helps sell the products as the customer sees the special attention put into the product and elevates it above the competitors. CorrectCraft’s Pleasurecraft Engine Group, for example, is driving the new PCM228 engine, a direct injection, supercharged and %100 closed cooling system powerhouse Built on General Motors’ LYV8 platform, which was featured in the Miami 2020 Boat Show. The cooling protects the engine in heavy use, even in the hottest climates.  CorrectCraft’s new engines produce 600 hp and up to 608 ft / lbs of torque, making it the company’s strongest product to date. The entire Z-series participated in the Miami Boat Show and won the 2020 Innovation Award, making this huge win for the industry. 

The expansion of the water sports section also provided an opportunity for Volvo Penta, which in turn helped develop the sector with its unique forward drive design. Volvo Penta has ridden the wave created by wake surfers to provide inboard solutions to a wider audience. Wake boarders have high demands from engines as they are directly behind the boat as they participate in their sport, and thus are the most exposed to the harmful emissions of the old generations of engines. Volvo Penta’s Forward Drive has changed everything and continues to do so by introducing Avalon’s new Waketon Surf Pontoon Boat Series to Minneapolis Boat Show. At Minneapolis, they brought Volvo’s level of excellence to new market segments and a whole new cultural landscape. The new pontoon setup allows users to compete, swim, socialize, and sail directly from the platform. 

The tow boat sector also allowed for new diesel engines with the ability to produce high power at low revs. The 2020 model CraftCraft is available from Yanmar with a 370 hp 8Lt diesel with maximum torque of 595 ft and an added option for their G-Series. The low rpms also mean that these engines burn far less fuel than their higher rpm counterparts, allowing for reliability and sustainability at the same time. The tow boat market is very strong and thus is able to come up with innovative solutions to keep their environmental impact low. For customers, if an engine can both provide both the power they need to enjoy themselves to the fullest, and the sustainability to keep their enjoyment free of guilt then there is nothing else to ask for.