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Sustainable Purchase

Organise your purchasing sustainably and consider aspects such as the ESG performance of suppliers. Qualify suppliers through Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) or Environmental Product Declarations (EPD). We help you to build a robust and sustainable supply chain.

Sustainable Strategy

Define, communicate and implement a long-term sustainability strategy. A company-wide sustainability strategy is indispensable for transforming to more sustainable business practices and processes. Introducing a sustainable strategy is a communicative balancing act and a decisive step towards a future-orientated approach. Rely on our expertise in developing, rolling out, and anchoring such a strategy to successfully guide your organisation on a sustainable course and strengthen it in the long term.

Sustainable Education

Our experts provide your team with comprehensive sustainability training. We communicate the requirements for standards, support the selection of sustainable materials, and demonstrate the correct care. With us, you will be well-informed and ready to internalise sustainability values. Our training courses enable your employees to understand complex systems and to take or demand action. The goal is to restore and maintain ecosystem health, promote equity, and create visions for a sustainable future.


Together with you, we design the renovation or construction of your ship not only efficiently but also sustainably. Right from the start, we attach particular importance to choosing the optimum systems and environmentally friendly materials. Our team of experts ensures that the integration of various systems runs smoothly and that your ship is as ecologically friendly as possible. We focus on environmentally friendly solutions and innovative technologies to make your maritime investment sustainable and ecologically responsible. Trust our expertise – for sustainable shipping with maximum efficiency and environmental awareness.

Sustainable Sales

You are a producer of an enabler technology. Germany is one of the most exciting markets for companies that supply the maritime industry. With its long shipbuilding tradition, Germany is a market open to innovation and new technologies. With a network of over 100 contacts built up over many years, ZEASY can help you develop a strategy to launch your product on the German market successfully. Together with your company, we will create the right strategy to position your product successfully.

Sustainable Compliance

Ensure ethical and sustainable corporate governance by fulfilling regulations such as the CSR Directive (CSRD), the EU Taxonomy and the EU Supply Chain Act. Our experts will support you in identifying and implementing these relevant regulations. Rely on our expertise to confidently navigate a changing regulatory landscape and guide your company toward responsible and forward-looking success.

Sustainable Products & Materials

Discover sustainable alternatives such as cork flooring, bio-based plastics, biodegradable materials and biocomposites. Find out how products with high recyclability can be manufactured and which European materials are particularly suitable for your purposes. We support you in integrating circular economy principles to maximise the recyclability of your products and minimise environmental risks. Get customised tools for your business.

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Embrace Change with ZEASY: Navigating Sustainable Success in a Dynamic World

Welcome to ZEASY! Companies need to chart a sustainable course in a world that is becoming ever faster and more complex due to climate change, digitalisation and globalisation. At ZEASY, we do not see these upheavals as a threat but as an opportunity for innovative solutions and sustainable success.

We support you in realising your vision and aligning your company for the future. Our process is structured and collaborative: In the first step, we work with you to define your starting situation and your entrepreneurial goals. Based on this analysis, we create a holistic implementation concept perfectly tailored to your resources. During implementation, we are always at your side, connect you with the necessary stakeholders and ensure that your goals are achieved within the specified time frame and budget by constantly monitoring and controlling the key figures.

Shaping Tomorrow: ZEASY's Multidisciplinary Approach to Corporate Sustainability

Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability expertise are constantly incorporated into our work. We use this expertise to reflect on and reshape your corporate structure to contribute to shaping a sustainable future. Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to take a wide range of perspectives to develop a comprehensive picture of your challenges and opportunities.

Make your company fit for the future. Let’s shape change together. At ZEASY, we combine sustainability, versatility, and the pulse of the times. Contact us today and start your journey towards a sustainable future.

Exciting Projects

Ship Recycling

At ZEASY, our commitment extends beyond mere disposal; we embrace a sustainable approach to ship recycling. Our expert team employs cutting-edge technologies to maximize the reuse of materials, minimizing environmental impact while adhering to the highest safety standards. Trust ZEASY to transform the conclusion of your vessel’s journey into an environmentally conscious and responsible choice, ensuring that every part of your boat contributes to a greener future.

By choosing ZEASY, you not only make a conscientious decision for the planet but also contribute to a circular economy. Our innovative recycling techniques not only minimize waste but also facilitate the repurposing of materials for new marine endeavors. Rest assured, as we navigate the intricate details, you can take pride in knowing that your vessel’s retirement aligns with a vision for a cleaner and more sustainable maritime future.


Der maritime Sektor trägt erheblich zur Umweltverschmutzung und zum Ressourcenverbrauch bei. Bislang gibt es kaum Normen, Vorschriften oder Zertifikate, um das Ausmaß der Umweltverschmutzung durch ein Wasserfahrzeug anzugeben. Weltweit werden immer mehr Wasserflächen zu Schutzgebieten erklärt, daher sind Angaben darüber, wie stark ein Wasserfahrzeug die Umwelt verschmutzt, zunehmend erforderlich.

Im Rahmen dieses Geschäftsbereichs will ZEASY ein Expertengremium einrichten, welches ein Eco-Label für Wasserfahrzeuge entwickelt. Die Grundlage für das Label fundiert in der Masterarbeit des Zeasy-Gründers, es bedarf allerdings noch intensiverer Arbeit mit dem Label, um es markttauglich zu implementieren. Wenn Sie also dazu beitragen wollen, den maritimen Sektor zu verändern und umweltfreundlicher zu gestalten, wenden Sie sich an unser Team.

Dieser Geschäftsbereich – die Entwicklung und Implementierung eines Umweltzeichens für Wasserfahrzeuge – ist ein wachsender Prozess. Wenn Sie Interesse an der Entwicklung eines solchen Eco-Labels für Wasserfahrzeuge haben, melden Sie sich bei ZEASY.