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Sustainable Development Goals

We, at Zeasy, incorporate three of the 17 sustainable development goals statements into its daily business operations and long-term strategy. Zeasy aims to raise awareness among the users and owners of recreational boats of any kind about the sustainable operation of the respective ship. 

The main focus of this education is the ecological dimension, which is followed by the fair treatment of all participants of the value network “maritime leisure industry”. 

SDGs 13 and 14 are aimed at the set focus. ZEASY has set itself to preserve the beauty and necessity of the oceans and the adjacent coastal areas. Consequently, we offer the approaches and direct solutions to operate a boat sustainably and ecologically. As a consequence of the commitment to a better tomorrow. According to Goal 13, it is imperative that we immediately start to reduce our carbon footprint significantly. ZEASY wants to show that it is possible to emit considerably fewer greenhouse gases during leisure time than most recreational vessels do today.

Nevertheless, we are aware that 100% ecological operation will not be possible shortly for various reasons, mainly safety aspects. We, therefore, consider it all the more important that many operators change their behaviour gradually and incrementally than that a few change their behaviour massively and immediately. As we are in the maritime environment, target 14 is central to us. We want to preserve and protect this unique habitat, as well as the recreational space of its customers. A significant problem is the discharge of solid and liquid pollutants into the water. A few units of toxic and polluting substances can pollute many times more water. Since the oceans are an essential source of necessities in our lives, such as food but also medicine, biofuels and CO2 storage, it has been proven that there is an urgent need to subject them to special protection. ZEASY’s mission is to attract attention and offer intelligent solutions to avoid the use of liquid and solid materials and fuels that are harmful to the environment and directly market environmentally friendly substitutes and alternatives. 

The third goal ZEASY has set itself is represented in the sustainable development goals within goal twelve. As members of a global society, consumers must ensure that all entities along the value chain are treated fairly. Furthermore, the entire life cycle of products must be defined before production, i.e., consideration must also be given to the “end-of-life point”. The keyword here is the circular economy. Raising awareness of this circular economy is another key component of the company’s mission and vision.

As the world is interdependent, the goals are highly interdependent. We decided to focus on three goals, which does not mean that the other 14 goals are not within our sphere of influence. However, to have the most significant possible impact on our actions, the focus is on those sustainable development goals that are most congruent with what we offer.