Eco Label

Eco-labelling as a motor of change

Owners and operators need to consider how they treat the environment with their vessels.

The project

The maritime sector contributes significantly to environmental pollution and resource
consumption. Thus far, hardly any standards, regulations or certificates exist
to indicate the extent to which a watercraft pollutes the environment.
Worldwide, more and more water areas are being declared as protected areas;
therefore, indications of how much a watercraft pollutes the environment are
increasingly necessary.

Within this business unit, ZEASY wants to establish a board of experts to develop the label. The basis of the label is set in a master thesis, but more input is needed. So, if you want to help change the maritime sector and make it more eco-friendly, contact our team.

This Business Unit – an eco-label for watercraft – is under development. If you are interested in
developing such an eco-label, get in contact!





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