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ESG Performance

ZEASY offers individual sustainability advice from craft businesses to international companies with innovative SaaS technology.

ESG Reporting

Transparency is crucial in a world where 80% of investors demand consistent ESG reporting. We help with reporting for long-term investment security.

ESG Strategie

Sustainable transformation requires strategic anchoring. We accompany you through the process with ESG canvas workshops or ESG software for valid results.

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Rediscover sustainability with ZEASY

ZEASY offers you the compass for a successful journey through the dynamic environment of sustainable business. We are your experienced partner when it comes to transforming products, processes and strategies not only into the future, but also sustainably.

At the heart of our mission is the conviction that a holistic view and intelligent sustainability management are the key to long-term competitiveness and a sense of social responsibility. Regardless of whether it is about optimizing your purchasing practices or developing a comprehensive ESG-compliant corporate strategy - we offer direct added value through our expertise and a powerful network of specialists and suppliers in the maritime environment.

Your path to ESG success with our expertise

With ZEASY you can rely on collaborative and practice-oriented advice. We start with a careful evaluation of your current situation and identify which measures and strategies you need to position yourself successfully in the sustainable economy. From the initial analysis to the final implementation, our team accompanies you step by step on a clearly defined path to your goal.

Integrated approach: Sustainability viewed from an interdisciplinary perspective

Our broad expertise in the areas of corporate responsibility and sustainable business enables us to support you in every respect. Through our interdisciplinary perspective, we offer you a tailor-made concept that takes into account your company structure, your resources and your market position. Benefit from our expertise and our network to open up new, future-proof paths for your company.

Continuous support: Transparent process for measurable success

Our experts not only work for you, but with you. Don't settle for less than you deserve - choose ZEASY and make your company future-proof! We promote transparency and measurable results and ensure that you achieve your goals through ongoing monitoring and a clear controlling strategy.

Tailored sustainability solutions with SAAS software

Consulting portfolio

ZEASY stands for future-oriented consulting services that offer individual and efficient sustainability concepts from craft businesses to international companies. We combine classic consulting with the latest SaaS technology in the area of ​​sustainability. This enables us to not only work for you in a resource-saving manner, but also to achieve significant improvements in your ESG performance.

ESG performance optimization

Your way to sustainable excellence

A detailed status quo analysis of your current ESG performance provides the starting point for our collaboration. Whether from a bird's eye view of your entire company structure or in the form of a specific deep dive in individual departments - we provide you with the insight you need. Our goal is to optimize your business processes, starting with the procurement of ecologically high-performance materials, with the support of our broad network of experts and partners. We are also your partners in raising your team’s awareness of sustainability issues. ZEASY conveys relevant standards and provides support in selecting and maintaining sustainable materials.


Transparency for stakeholders and investors

In a world where, according to McKinsey, four out of five investors are demanding mandatory, consistent ESG reporting, transparency is a must. As you would expect support from a tax advisor, we will help you create and optimize your sustainability report to secure your investments in the long term.


Sustainability as the core of your corporate strategy

In order to successfully implement a sustainable transformation, it must be firmly anchored in the corporate strategy. We accompany you through the entire process and ensure that the sustainability strategy is not only developed, but also lived. For smaller companies, the basics are developed through an ESG canvas workshop, while for larger, more complex organizations our ESG software is used - for resource conservation and faster, valid results.

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Sustainable materials and products

Product portfolio

ZEASY focuses on products that are not only functional, but also sustainable in terms of the circular economy.

Ecoworks Marine
Ecoworks Marine
Ecoworks Marine
Ecoworks Marine
Ecoworks Marine

Cork – sustainable flooring

A versatile, ecological floor covering that gives rooms a natural warmth.

PU deck – floor covering and molded components

Innovative solutions for floor coverings and molded components that combine durability and environmental compatibility.

Bio-based plastics – the alternative

Replace traditional plastics with bio-based alternatives that are better for our environment.

Veneer – Innovative and natural

Discover veneers made from innovative materials that take your design to the next ecological level.

Lights – sustainable lighting concept

Enlightenment through circular economy luminaires, manufactured in Europe.

Cleaner – environmentally friendly and effective

Rely on cleaning products that are based on bacteria and are both environmentally friendly and powerful.

Circularity and sustainability in focus

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Become part of the sustainable transformation with ZEASY – your advice and partner for environmentally conscious business.

Sustainability meets innovation

Welcome to the Innovation Lounges

At ZEASY we rely on cooperation and excellence, and our partnership with the Innovation Lounges shows this. As the exclusive sustainability advisor for the members and clients of the Innovation Lounges, our goal is to support the hotel and cruise ship industry on their way to a sustainable and circular future.

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Together for a green future

ZEASY is revolutionizing the hotel and cruise industry

Get in touch with ZEASY and become part of the sustainable revolution in the hotel and cruise industry. We are waiting for you in the heart of Hamburg to set green milestones together.

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Environmental protection on the high seas

We prove that sustainable transformation on water is not a thing of the future, but can already be achieved today. With the green fitting of a Hallberg-Rassy yacht, the first model in the Hallberg-Rassy Monsun 31 series, we showed what is possible in spring 2023.

Extend service life, conserve resources

Our visionary project demonstrates how the life cycle of a watercraft can be extended thanks to innovative products. Our mission was to breathe new life into a 50-year-old yacht and make it fit for the next 50 years.

Innovation in every detail

We are proud to have pioneered numerous products. With EcoDeck as a deck covering, the digital switching electrical system Revotion and cork as an ecological floor covering, we have achieved a sustainable revolution. Bio Leather from Ulterfabrics as an upholstery material sets new standards in ecological interior design. But that's not all - discover more of our sustainable innovations and how we are changing the maritime world step by step.

Sustainable Ship recycling

At ZEASY, our commitment goes far beyond mere disposal - we take a sustainable approach to ship recycling. Our team of experts uses state-of-the-art technologies to maximize the reuse of materials and minimize the environmental footprint, while maintaining the highest safety standards. Trust ZEASY to transform the final leg of your vessel's journey into an environmentally conscious and responsible choice, ensuring that every part of your boat contributes to a greener future.

A conscious decision For The Planet

By choosing ZEASY, you are not only making a conscientious decision for the planet, but you are also contributing to a circular economy. Our innovative recycling methods not only minimize waste, but also enable the reuse of materials for new maritime projects. Rest assured, while we take care of the complex details, you can be proud that your vessel's end of service aligns with a vision for a cleaner, more sustainable maritime future.

Eco labeling in Maritime sector

The maritime sector contributes significantly to environmental pollution and resource consumption. To date, there are hardly any standards, regulations or certificates that show the extent to which a watercraft pollutes the environment. More and more water areas around the world are being declared protected areas; Therefore, labeling of the environmental impact of watercraft is increasingly necessary.

We design them Future With You

Within this business area, ZEASY would like to establish a committee of experts to develop the label. So if you want to help transform the maritime sector and make it more environmentally friendly, contact our team.

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Become part of the sustainable transformation with ZEASY – your advice and partner for environmentally conscious business.