The Green Yacht
Make your water sports experience more sustainable.
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The Green Marina
Increasing attractiveness with sustainable concepts
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The Green Shipyard
Picking up the key to a greener tomorrow
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Together with you, we are setting a structure for a greener future. We accompany you on your way from vision development to project completion. First, we develop a vision together and determine your status quo. Once the status quo is known, the goals or the target state are defined. Based on your goals and your resources, we develop a holistic implementation concept for you. In the following implementation phase, we also stand by your side as partners and bring you into contact with the stakeholders necessary for the project’s success. Throughout the project, ZEASY manages and monitors all key performance indicators to ensure that the line is reached on time and within budget.  

Together we develop solutions for better boating.

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The yacht of tomorrow is green. With ZEASY’s help, you can make your boat fit for tomorrow within the framework of your resources. We develop a concept  for your yacht, how you can have a water sports experience closer to nature and independent and sustainable. Our approach is that every boat deserves a second, green yacht life. That’s why we work with  you to greenfit your yacht.


Marinas are the port of call for every yacht. ZEASY supports marinas in remaining attractive for the new generation of boat owners through sustainable concepts. ZEASY supports the shore-side electrification and the digitalisation of marina services. The marina of tomorrow is digital, CO2-neutral and full of experiences.


Shipyards are the key to a greener future on the water. ZEASY supports shipyards not only in making themselves climate neutral in the sense of the Blue Economy. ZEASY also supports them in making the yachts they manage fit for tomorrow by assisting them in projecting greenfits at the project planning level.

Greenfit news

Our first GREENFIT

The Hallberg-Rassy “Monsun” is a true classic. This famous yard’s all-time bestseller is the perfect size for relaxed but comfortable and safe sailing with the family. We have found the first of over 900 of these boats built, dating back to 1973. ZEASY is now making this boat fit again for today and the future. Because we can already realise this dream now: The completely self-sufficient sailing yacht. Independent and free of all fossil fuels, completely connected with nature without any emissions. And yet comfortable, with all the civilised comforts to which we have become accustomed. How does that work? Come along with us and enjoy the experience! Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed if you want to follow this transformation!