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Sailing in Denmark, discover the opportunities

Are you considering going on summer vacation in Denmark? Go on a sailing holiday and enjoy nature with family and friends. It will be a holiday you will never forget! The world is big, there is a lot to experience, but do we really need to travel so far away to have wonderful experiences and wonderful memories?

In this article, we describe good reasons to go on a sailing holiday in Denmark:

Sailing holiday is equal to sustainable holiday and Denmark is a unique country for sailing enthusiasts which provides freedom to choose what to do and where to go. And then there is the food. All the Danish summer dishes that are well suited for eating on board.

Denmark has 8750 km of coastline making Denmark a maritime country. A summer holiday in Denmark at sea is completely unique with all our cozy port cities, islands, and many fine beaches. Not to mention beautiful natural areas. Ports are marked by maritime life, which we as a nation also cultivate in our free time. Dinghy sailors, kayaks, windsurfers, recreational diving and much more. The ports in Denmark will always be a gathering point for both leisure, pleasure and for several business voters.

There are many ways to spend a holiday in Denmark, but one of the things that makes Denmark a particularly unique sailing nation is the endless possibilities for a sailing holiday with greater or lesser stretches between ports and anchorages.

Sailing is precisely about utilizing the resources nature gives you. Namely wind and currents in the water. It can be a huge liberating feeling on a voyage with the help of the forces of nature and in interaction with these and the ship. Some sailors go to great lengths to sail after the absolute optimal utilization of wind, weather, and the lake. For others, it may be certain destinations or coziness that are in the forefront. No matter how you like sailing, sailing provides a unique feeling of freedom. You decide where you want to sail, you can sail with find or according to planned route, you can stay several days on a nice island or you can sail through the night to reach a specific destination. It is not only at sea that I experience nature at its best. Many of the places I can sail to, I get a good opportunity to experience beautiful nature on land.

Do you know how to get tired of the all-inclusive buffet at this charter hotel? On board a boat you can either handle it and cook your own food, supplemented with local vegetables from stalls and fresh fish from the cutter at the ports.

Although sustainability characterizes our time, it is an ambiguous word. For the time being, it has dawned on many that it makes sense to live sustainably. Both in terms of climate, nature, and environment, but also in the near and more private things must be connected.

One thing is the environmental consideration, or, lack of the same, when we choose to strain our planet by getting into an airplane and traveling far away. Something else is the time we spend on travel activity. If you are on holiday in Denmark, you significantly cut a lot of your travel time, and you thereby get more time for the important, being with your loved ones and time to just be. Travel time is one of the most fascinating things about a sailing holiday.

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