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Empowering Teams: ZEASY's Comprehensive Sustainability Training

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Sustainability is not a passing trend but a must for every responsible company. It has become a critical element that is demanded and valued by customers. We offer comprehensive training programmes for your team. These targeted workshops sensitise your team to sustainability issues and keep them current. As a result, your employees can implement the measures effectively and contribute to a sustainable corporate culture.

How we impart sustainability expertise - a holistic view of sustainability

We are proud to offer you our new workshop, “A holistic view of sustainability – What does it mean for your company?”. This workshop is specifically designed to explore the comprehensive aspect of sustainability in your company and to lay the foundation for a sustainable corporate strategy.

What can you expect in the workshop?

Our experts will guide you through a process that will help you understand your current position on sustainability, identify potential for improvement and design actionable plans to progress and strengthen your sustainable practices. At the beginning of the workshop, we will discuss the topics of sustainability and their importance in detail. This is followed by a situation analysis, which takes stock of sustainability in your company. Here, we identify strengths and potential for improvement to understand your sustainability situation clearly.

The next phase aims to deepen the three pillars of sustainability – environmental, social and economic sustainability. With practical examples and interactive discussions, we will explore how your company can progress in these pillars.

We then focus on defining sustainability goals that are customised to your company. In the final part of the workshop, we work together to develop specific measures to achieve these goals and outline an action plan for future implementation.

Through our holistic approach, your team will gain a deeper understanding of how sustainability can be integrated into all areas of the organisation. Our experienced sustainability experts lead the workshop and utilise interactive and hands-on learning methods to ensure your team gains valuable skills and knowledge.

Transforming Goals into Reality: A Step-by-Step Guide with ZEASY's Sustainablility Workshop

Accelerate your sustainable business transformation with our workshop. Are you ready to take the next step and transform your business goals into a sustainable reality?

Situation analysis: Firstly, we determine your company’s current sustainability profile. Through detailed assessments of your business areas and processes, we identify strengths and weaknesses to make targeted improvements.

Target definition: Based on the situation analysis, we work with you to develop viable and realistic sustainability targets that fit your corporate mission and vision.

Developing measures: We then develop company-specific measures to achieve the targets. In this way, we ensure that your company uses resources efficiently, minimises energy consumption and reduces CO₂ emissions. We utilise innovative and economically viable solutions.

Implementation and monitoring: We continuously support and monitor the implemented measures to ensure sustainable development.

Sustainability reporting: We help you communicate transparently and comprehensively when reporting your sustainable performance.

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