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ZEASY plays a crucial role in supporting companies in the maritime supply industry on their path to sustainable transformation. As experienced specialists, we offer comprehensive services tailored to each transformation phase, from designing green business models and developing sustainable products to successful market launch and subsequent optimisation. Our advice is based on in-depth expertise, strategic foresight and a deep understanding of the German market. With our strong network of cross-industry partners, we work closely with our clients to implement customised solutions. We aim to help maritime suppliers optimise their position in the dynamic green market and strengthen their economic performance while positively contributing to the environment.

Guiding Maritime Suppliers on the Green Transformation Journey

ZEASY supports companies in the maritime supply industry with a comprehensive approach aimed at developing more environmentally friendly products and successfully positioning them on the green market.

Navigating Sustainable Product Development in the Maritime Sector

With the increasing focus on sustainability and green technologies, the maritime supply industry is challenged to develop and adapt. This is where our Sustainable Sales programme comes in. Based on a clear and future-orientated strategy, we support maritime suppliers in successfully establishing their responsible innovations in the German market.

Firstly, we help with product development. Through our expertise in sustainable technology and green business practices, we support companies in making their products and processes more environmentally friendly. We consider material selection, manufacturing processes, product design, and life cycle analysis.

Secondly, we are actively involved in innovation management. We encourage our customers to develop and implement creative and ground-breaking ideas for green products and services. At the same time, we offer advice and tools to ensure these innovations are profitable and marketable.

Thirdly, we play a vital role in the market launch. With our in-depth knowledge of the German market landscape, we can help to communicate and position sustainable products effectively. We help companies create an appealing green brand message and convince customers of the benefits of their environmentally friendly products.

Fourthly, we support the establishment of networks. Cross-sector collaboration is often required to make sustainable innovations successful. We utilise our broad network in the industry to promote partnerships and collaborations that can contribute to the success of green products.

Ultimately, our goal at ZEASY is to help companies achieve their sustainability goals while remaining commercially successful. With our customised consulting approach, we can help companies transition to greener products smoothly and profitably.

Sustainable Sales: Paving the Way for Responsible Innovations

Development of a market-oriented strategy: Together with the companies, we analyse the growing German market to develop tailor-made strategies. In doing so, we consider market trends, regulatory requirements, customer expectations and competitive conditions.

Product placement: Through the targeted development of relationships and by utilising our extensive industry contacts, we optimally position our customers’ products on the market. The aim is to increase awareness and convince potential customers of the benefits of sustainable maritime supplier products.

Networking: We actively build and maintain a network of stakeholders – customers, suppliers, authorities, research institutions, etc. – to ensure the exchange of knowledge and innovation. – This ensures the exchange of knowledge and innovation.

ZEASY’s supporting role: As experienced specialists in the maritime industry, we support companies in the launch of their eco-efficient products and services on the market. We offer expert advice, strategic know-how, and customised solutions to help maritime suppliers in their successful transformation towards sustainability.

Innovation in the maritime supply industry: We firmly believe innovation is the key to creating a sustainable maritime economy. We therefore encourage and support companies in developing green technology and business models.

The German maritime supply industry is a dynamic and highly interconnected market with great potential for sustainable innovation. Sustainable Sales is a practical approach to utilise this potential fully and thus significantly contribute to the maritime industry’s green transformation. With ZEASY as a reliable partner, marine suppliers can successfully enter the German market and achieve their business goals.

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